Letter from Executive Director; Leslie Moss

July 2016 Executive Director Message

Be a "Cool" pet owner!


When the temperature goes up, leave your pet at home!



  • Leaving your pet in a hot car for even a short period of time can be very dangerous.


  • Even with all the windows cracked, the temperature of a car's interior can quickly rise to deadly levels.Vehicle heat studies prove the danger of leaving pets in parked cars, where temperatures can be more than 40 degrees higher than outside.


  • Pets do not sweat the way humans do so they cannot cool their bodies efficiently in hot temperatures.


  • When overheated, pets can go into shock leading to irreversible organ failure and death.


  • If you think you will need to leave your pet in a car - even for a few minutes - leave them safely at home instead.They will be happy to see you when you return!