"How Smart is Your Dog or Cat?" Palm Beach Daily News

That Paulette Cooper Noble knows how to write the most clever headlines!

In the Palm Beach Daily News, also known as the Shiny Sheet because of the high-quality newsprint, the headline read, “How smart is your dog or cat?”

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Cat's Meow Ball: Kaufmann de Suisse Kick-Off Party

Palm Beach, FL – Friends of Palm Beach Island Cats, Inc. (PBIC) were treated to a feline themed kick-off party for PBIC’s inuagural “Cat’s Meow Ball” at the Worth Avenue showroom of Kaufmann de Suisse jewelers on February 28th, 2013.

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Study Gives Feral Cats A Bad Rap

A recent article in the Daily News ‘Shiny Sheet’ outlined why ‘feral cats are under fire in the national news’. It's apparently because of a recent Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute study.  Leslie Moss, executive director of Palm Beach Island Cats, disputes the study. ‘Cats are not responsible for disappearing animal populations, she said, man is.’


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Letter Questions Cat Study


President David Leavitt’s letter to editor  of the Palm Beach Daily News questions scientific validity of Smithsonian Cat Study.


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Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies sent this email to everyone they know today.  Apparently the Smithsonian report is catching headlines everywhere, and just this week a resident cited the Smithsonian study in her argument against the cats saying it is the cause of no songbirds on the island.  <I don’t ever recall hearing a songbird in Palm Beach, and I’ve worked there more than 20 years!> 


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