Pussy Riot!

No, we’re not talking about the Russian punk band.

It’s what could have happened if the community cats of Palm Beach Island Cats attended the kick-off party at Sequin of Worth Avenue and started trying on the colorful bangles and baubles.

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Pearls & Pussycats

PALM BEACH -- If you missed the “Pearls & Pussycats” cocktail reception at A.R.T., don’t worry.  We have the final score?

Score?  Well, jewelry shopping can be competitive!

Two-legged pussycats 59. Four-legged pussycats 0.

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History in the making!

This wasn’t your typical cocktail party in posh Palm Beach

It was history in the making!

Socialite Brownie McLean and City Councilman Bill Diamond improved everyone’s catitude when they stepped behind the bar at the Leopard Lounge for “Meow Monday & Mixology” on Jan. 13.

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Palm Beach Post- Notables- Meow Monday & Mixology

Socialite Brownie McLean and Councilman Bill Diamond were celebrity bartenders at Palm Beach Island Cats. Meow Monday & Mixology on Jan. 13 at The Leopard Lounge. More than 125 party-goers attended.

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2013 Census

In 2009 PBIC counted 600 cats on the Island. We have just completed another census and it showed 498 cats. The program is working just as we hoped it would. So far this season we have identified just 26 kittens born and they have all been trapped. Field Director Wink and Feeding Crew leader Damian are diligently trapping to catch the remaining 2 mothers. Please call 512-4884 if you see any kittens.

I spoke to the country’s leading TNR expert, Dr. Julie Levy, concerning new protocols for testing community cats for feline leukemia. I explained where our program is today and learned that she just doesn’t hear about such success. It is due to many factors. We owe it to our donors, volunteers, Board, supportive town government, excellent staff and a big factor is that we are an island that creates a border for our cat population. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this humane program the success it is today.