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"Palm Beach Island Cats party at Costa Palm Beach fur-riendly"

The Meow Monday Friend-Raiser reception took place March 27.

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Cats Meow Rat Pack Ball 2017

Rat Pack is back at Palm Beach Island Cats gala. By PBDN, Daily News Society covers Palm Beach Island CATS event.

Bring back the Rat Pack. The Beach Club was the setting for the Palm Beach Island Cats’ Cat’s Meow Ball on Jan. 25. As guests ascended The Beach Club stairs, the Rat Pack ball theme was set by a projection of a classic Frank Sinatra performance on the wall and large glittered photos of Marilyn Monroe and a young Sinatra, that flanked...

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Shiny Shots: Cat's Meow Rat Pack Ball

View the Palm Beach Daily News Shiny Shots of the Cat's Meow Rat Pak Ball at the Beach Club

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National Feral Cat Day 2017


Come help care for community (feral) cats on National Feral Cat Day. Monday 16 October at the Chesterfield Hotel in Palm Beach

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