Celebrity bartenders raise money for Palm Beach Island Cats group

By Shannon Donnelly

Daily News Society Editor

Nearly 100 people attended the Palm Beach Island Cats’ Celebrity Bartenders Paw-ty Friday on National Feral Cat Day. A dozen vets showed up, including three behind the bar at the Leopard Lounge – Drs. Karen Illel (Veterinary Relief Services), and Brad Ochstein and Mary Ellen Scully, both of Island Animal Hospital. -


“Our vet is here tonight. She’s behind the bar,” said Gaye Engel, whose Papillon named Rhett sees Dr. Scully. “Rhett loves her.”


Several animal rescue groups attended, including Panther Ridge Conservation Center, The Tara Oceanographic Center, BallenIsles Wildlife Foundation, Animal Partners and Urgent Cats of Palm Beach County.


“We had vets who specialized in veterinary medicine for cats and dogs and even dolphins. And everything in-between. They brought their staff too,” said Leslie Moss, executive director of Palm Beach Island Cats. “For the record, no one named Dolittle was in the room. We checked the sign-in sheet.”


The event chair was Rob Scarborough. Attending: Bill Eubanks, Ben Stein, Lee Hennessee, Charles Gradante, George Palladino, Jerrold St. George, Linda Rossbach, Linda Hornsby, Aaron Ahlum, Cheryl Love, Sona Reese, Grady Smith, Robin and Michael Sexton, Tom and Lisa Ferguson, Florence and Sheldon Berney, Jennifer Garrigues, Linda Siris, Dorothy Kelleher, Dick Kleid, Skira Watson, and Don and Coco Schefmeyer.


Among door prizes given away was a jumbo, 20-pound basket filled with all the makings for Manhattans. (After all, this is Palm Beach.)


A discreet shopping bag filled with samples of Midwest-grown, organic catnip was given away to guests, especially for the veterinarians. “When a cat needs to take a pill but won’t eat a pill pocket, we rub some catnip on the pill and the cat can’t resist it. Poof! It’s gone,” said Dr. John Pacy, who owns Healthy Pets Housecalls. Who knew!


The menu included Sesame Chicken Cat-ay (it was a cat event), portobello mushrooms with goat cheese, Parmesan basil artichoke on crostini and imported cheeses.


The town’s 550 community cats are fed daily and provided medical care. All the cats are microchipped and part of the nationwide trend of trap-neuter-vaccinate-return.



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