Meet Amanda…

Amanda, a Somali, is sweet and devoted and beautiful!

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Three Rescues - Love Abounds!

Meet the Mason's - Chester, Cali and Simon - all rescue kitties who, for years, have had a wonderful home.

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Cattales (Cali)

The first time I heard about Cali, a calico female adult cat, it was due to several residence on the block calling me concerned about two abandoned animals. Apparently the owner had left them behind within the last month and the other residents living there were concerned about the animal’s welfare.

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Baby Kitten Touches Heart – Finds a Home


This baby kitten must be very special to have Winki break her own rule.  We love happy endings.

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Meet Bootsey

Palm Beach Island Cats could not survive a single day without one of our five original founding members – who now serves as our Executive Director.  Leslie Moss knows the ins and outs of everything we do and her work is essential to our success.  Yes, of course, she is a cat lover.  Meet Leslie and Bootsey.

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