“I’m Smokey.  I’m short-haired grey cat with a VERY curious personality.  I am fascinated by humans.

  I like to ‘people watch’ when I’m not hunting or sleeping in the sun.
    “There is this one woman who rides a pink beach bike.  Sometimes she brings us fresh catnip (Thank you, Miss Pink Bike Chick!)  
“I wait til she gets off her bike and comes over to the feeding station with her catnip.  Then I like to run over and pretend I’m going to jump on her bike.   The other cats are egging me on.  They want me to jump into her wicker basket on the front of the bike.  Why would I do that?  There’re no mice in there.   
    “One of the other cats wants me to take it for a spin around the parking lot.  But I’d never ride off with her bike.  The Palm Beach Island Police would arrive in a New York minute (that’s quick) and I’d get caught.  Then I might have to go to the pokey (county jail).  And that would mean no long more catnip from the Pink Bike Chick.  She calls it ‘Meowi Wowwi.’  Whenever she comes, she rings the bell on her bike and beckons for us to come and enjoy the catnip.”
    Smokey is also neutered.  And healthy!
[Click to hear the bike bell and voice “Come on and get the catnip”]