“I’m Smokey.  I’m short-haired grey cat with a VERY curious personality.  I am fascinated by humans.

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Rarely are we lucky enough to come upon such 'feel good' story.

Click the link below to read about a 72 year Italian women, noted artist and animal lover who shares her world so fondly and devotedly with nature’s birds, feral cats, and cats and dogs from shelters that would otherwise not be alive.  No she is not crazy. She has developed her love into a charity that has full time employees, volunteers, veterinary assistants and more.  But, it is the unique way she cares for all of these animals that will surely touch your heart.

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Cat House Competition- For Feral Cats


We’ve all seen creative house building competitions.  But this recent competition held in New York City was for who could design the best house for feral cats.


For the third year, “Architects for Animals” held its annual fundraiser in Manhattan to help those community cats brave the elements and survive the freezing temperatures of winter. Top city architectural design firms built creative outdoor winter shelters, participated in a friendly competition and then donated the ‘cat houses’ to feral cat rescue organizations across the city.

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Feral city kitties welcomed to fancy feline high-rise in Washington Heights community garden

Sheila Massey taken on stewardship of her neighborhood's feral cat colony, setting up housing for them at the Morris-Jumel Community Garden that replaces the makeshift Styrofoam boxes nestled under a tarp.

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